Winter Fashion

Winter is Here! Cold days are back, and the only motive is to stay warm! Get ready to look fashionable and cute because its winter, and its not a season its an occasion. Here you will find ways to keep yourself comfy and warm and yet look fashionable, fully covered. When I think about warmth all that comes to my mind are the deeper colors, and that's why I have chosen the color of my outfit as black! The first lesson about fashion : The color BLACK! Black is lazy and easy, but mysterious ; above all the color black says - "I don't bother you, so you don't bother me." Now that we have chosen the color, its time to choose the look. Full sleeve and full neck is the best-est option that anyone could give you for a comfy and cute look. Tuck in the full sleeve shirt with a pair of light colored denim, that would give the balance to your look. The major portion of the look is complete....

Jazz up your overall look with your favorite jewellery. Jewellery here is importa…

Hair Care Products

Hair Care Invest in your hair, its the crown you never take off. Because life is too short to have boring hair. This article will lead to the products that would give you the beautiful hair you always wanted. Many of you have been asking me on Instagram about my hair and what are the products I use, so this article is for all of you (not only women but even men can use them!). Click on the product name to buy them.

Lets start with the most basic one "Oiling your hair". Oiling your hair is very important because it provides the nourishment and proteins that your body cant provide. I oil my hair weekly one with Parachute advanced coconut hair serum oil , this product is really amazing and it helps in thickening your hair. Next, is washing the hair. I use Dove environmental defense shampoo. It help your hair with all the damage cause by the pollution and sun rays that indirectly causes a lot of damage to your hair. I usually blow dry my hair one, because they are long and take…

Choosing a Trendy Apparel

Feeling Trendy Being in Trend is the way to say who you are, without having to speak. Give no excuses and learn how to be stylish and fun. This article is just for you and is gonna help you with bringing out that personality. Always remember-What you wear, speaks a lot about you. So, make yourself a priority and lets get started!

Wearing trendy cloths make you feel in style and confident, but remember to choose the outfits that you think will be comfortable for you; that way you will gain more confidence on yourself. Don't ever wear something that you feel is looking good on someone else, create your own fashion. Try wearing a cold shoulder dress or top, cause its fashionable and looks great for any occasion. Blend the look by keeping the color mild because the cold shoulders already create the bold look. Go with the flow of whats happening around you, it maybe the seasons or the fashion celeb you adore, and your on the right path of choosing you perfect outfit. Try to find out s…

How to make your skin Healthy ?

Get That Good Skin You can get a healthy skin naturally by taking in the right food required. One big bonus with what I'm gonna share with you today is that, this will not only make your skin healthy but also thicken your hair, improve your immune systems and reduce pimples. This is literally the easiest and the safest way towards a healthy you. Plus if you are on a diet then this will also help you reduce you weight (if taken in the right quantity!). 

The secret  Well, The secret is non other than the Green dhal or sprouts. Its is the cheapest among all the pulses that are available in the market and yet the healthiest. If you are still lazy to buy the pulse and soak it over night to sprout it, then there is another option; you can always find the ready made or sprouted green dhal at any vegetable shop near by. Also you can create the recipe as you wish; spicy, sweet, cooked, steamed or anything that I haven't even mentioned. Continue to eat this for at-least four days a wee…

How To Make A Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher D.I.Y Dream Catchers are really amazing wall hangings, and recently a lot of people are taking interest in it. Other than just being a creative and beautiful wall hanging, it has its own features. This trend was followed by the native Americans. It is said that if it hangs above your head (or somewhere on the wall near your head) while you are asleep, it traps your dream in the web and the bad dreams are let free from the center hole; while the good dreams fall back to your head gently sliding down the feathers. If you go out to buy one it costs a lot, but why spend money when you can make it yourself? It only requires 5 easily available materials!
Materials that you will require :  1. A Ring  2. Wool of any color  3. Feathers 4. Beads  5. scissors 

 Lets get started ! Tie a knot at any point on the ring and cover the ring fully with the wool. When the ring is fully covered, tie another knot and cut off the extra wool to give that finishing look. Now measure a length of…

Choosing The Right Outfit

Mix and Match  Mix and Match is always in trend, weather its summer or winter, the mix and match idea works fabulously. Its the way in which you can wear the same dress in so many different styles, and wont be noticeable that you are wearing the same outfit. Today I'm gonna show you one way of mixing and matching cloths, which you can try it on different outfits that you have. Just make sure it looks differently unique with what ever you try!  

Here you can see that I'm wearing a high waist tight Denim skirt, which is 3/4 in length. You can pair this skirt with a shirt as I did here, with a knot in the center to add a little detail. This look is basically for the summers, but if you are looking something for the winter then you can pair it with a sweater of any light color and tuck it in from the corner, that will allow the high waist skirt to blend in with the top that your wearing. Also you can wear a crop top or a plane white blouse on this skirt. Try to keep the top eithe…

Are You Healthy From The Inside?

Mental Health 
Have you ever wondered if you were healthy from the inside? Or what is it to be healthy mentally?  Well, the answers to these questions are what you will be reading today. Always remember, your mental health is as important as your physical health. If you are not mentally healthy then what is the use of being physically healthy? Yes, you will feel good that you have got a good shape from the outside but what about the inside? Shaping your inner side is also very necessary. Physical attraction is one thing, but what you think and how you behave is what people notice the most in you. No, I'm not gonna teach you how to behave; but what I mean to say here is that you can change your thinking and behavior by just concentrating on yourself and doing a little bit of exercise. You will see a massive difference within yourself and start being more positive.

Every other person we see is either mentally depressed or have a lot of negative thoughts; And this is totally "H…